Kurt Ryslavy – ‘Verkaufswerke’ insult the intelligence of the artcollector and make him very angry

01/03/2015 - 26/04/2015

Window exhibition or by appointment


Opening on Sunday 01 March 15.00 – 19.00 h


‘Verkaufswerke’ were first shown in 1992 (Opus Operandi, Ghent), later at Kasper Königs Sculpture Projects Münster ’97, and further in museums and galleries. Interestingly not one ‘Verkaufswerk’ was ever sold to any art collector, private individual or collection since – one ‘Verkaufswerk’ was stolen from the show at Landesmuseum Münster and paid for by the insurance company of the museum. At the opening of Sculpture Projects Münster ’97 I met Isi Fiszman with his friend Angel, and I asked Isi if he had already discovered my participating work within the sculpture route in the city’s public space. He negated and asked what it was about, and where it would be. My answer ‘Verkaufswerke’ – on the marketplace and in the Landesmuseum – made him turn his back to me unpleasantly; Angel just laughed at this ribaldry, not imagining it could be the actual title of the work.